Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rediscovering Eve

After quitting Eve in 2006, I continued to keep interest in it. I knew the game had great potential. What decided my to return to Eve was two things, 1) Eve winning all kinds of awards in 2009, and 2) my friend Demonic becoming really good in game.

I remember walking in Walmart and passing a PC gamer magazine with Eve on the cover. I picked it up and began to read how much CCP has done to improve the game. I then noticed that a lot of game review sites were saying the same sort of things.

Around this time my friend Demonic had transferred to the same school as me. I called him up and we went to dinner together. I brought up Eve and we started talking. Apparently, Demonic had stayed with Sylic for a while. He learned how to pvp and became very good. He also opened up two more accounts, an industry account and a capital ship account. He even met a girl from Australia in game that taught him how to industry very well. (She even came and visited one month) He then told me how he had recently joined Pandemic Legion (PL) and he would help me out and stuff. so I reactivated my account.

For the first couple of weeks I just re-affiliated myself with the game, and ran a lot of missions for the Caldari Navy. I was almost able to do lvl 4s when I got bored of missioning and decided to join a corporation. I joined an interesting pvp/pve corp called SOL. There were two corps that made up SOL, SOL Industries and SOL Combat. The reason for this was so that people that wanted to just make money could stay in SOL Industries, while SOL Combat could get themselves into Wardecs and pvp. I switched over to SOL Comabat because at the time of my joining, they were being wardeced in Hek. It ended up being a great time because I learned about how to win in a wardec by making the aggressor miserable.

Once the wardecs ended we did a lot of small gang combat in and around Otou. It was a lot of fun, but I decided I wanted more in the game. I wanted my actions to player a larger role in the game.

In my next post I will talk about how my friend got me into the PL training corp and my great experience in that.

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