Monday, June 4, 2012

Faction Warfare

A week before Inferno I joined the Caldari militia and have been having a blast ever since. In my opinion, faction warfare is the most fun thing to do in Eve, especially with the Inferno changes. My reason are there always plenty of targets to engage with, you feel like you are working towards a grander goal, faction warfare alone can provide you with enough isk to live on, and the politics with the local pirates and other entities are fun too. If you have not tried out FW I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Update

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while I've been super busy. I ended up joining a good incursion corp on my main while my alt is still in RvB. My plan is train my alt up to be able to fly a ship that can do incursions and then put my main into either Merc Corp or a Faction Warfare corp to test out the Inferno changes.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goodbye Hulk

No, my hulk did not die. I sold it! For the last week or so I have been mining on my alt and running incursions on my main. For the first time, both my accounts have been doing care-bear activities. I don't like that. So today I decided I am quitting mining and putting my alt into RvB. Mining just isn't worth it for me anymore, especially when I made 225 mill from 3 incursion runs (Not to mention boring). The only thing I regret is I will be leaving my corp-mates who I have been with for the past 3 months. Some great guys. I may go back there at some point but my goals in the game just dont meet up with theirs right now. Right now I am fitting some Amarr ships for RvB. I have never flown Amarr before so I am excited to try them out. In my next post Im going to post some of the fits Im going to use and such. Stay posted!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly Update

Lately I have just been running incursions on my main. On my alt I have dipped into trying to learn exploration. I'm not doing it for the money but its just something I never really learned how to do. Probing was pretty hard at first but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. I haven't done much mining lately due to the system my alt is in is currently in incursion mode, so there are sleepers at all the belts.

Incursions have been kind of aggravating lately. I feel like there are too many indians  and not enough chiefs. There are always a lot of people trying to find fleets but not enough FCs. I planned on running incursions a lot this week, but most of the time I cant find a fleet. In a few days I will be able to use T2 guns, so hopefully I will get faster invites once I get those bad boys online.

My long term plan is to train my alt up to be able to run incursions and then put my main into RvB again, or another PvP corp.

PS sorry for not posting in a few days, there has been some real life drama going on for my right now. Also stay tuned for my opinion on the elitists in Eve, and why I think they are a scourge on the game.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I ran my first Incursion the other day. I really enjoyed it. They are much more fun than any missions and are extremely profitable. I made around 80mill in only an hour of playtime. I am using a blaster fit Rokh fit for maximum dps. I love the Rokh, it is one of the coolest ships in the game. With Crucible it is actually good now too. I'm excited that my skills in hybrid guns are now useful, instead of it being more of a role-play choice.

I only have a few more days left until I can use T2 large hybrids, I am really looking forward to the increased dps. I cant wait to get in and do some more incursions, but haven't had much of a chance. The past few days I have had a few tests in my graduate classes and have been playing one of my favorite games of all time which is Mass Effect 3. Once I beat it I am sure I will be back to playing Eve a ton again.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leaving Red Federation

So I decided to leave RvB for a little while so that I can help the corp my indy character is in. I just got a new Rokh for incursions, and I also am going to teach some of the people in my corp how to pvp. We will hopefully be setting up and moving into a POS in low sec very soon.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Eve Uni vs. RvB

Continuing from where I left off, I started playing Eve again around the time Crucible came out. I am glad that I sat out Incarna for the most part. From what I can tell, it was a low point for the game. I think now CCP know what their players want and I am really excited to see what they have planned down the road.

Once I got back into the game I went back to empire to start running missions again. After a few weeks of this I decided that I wanted to learn more about certain areas of the game. Around this time I remember hearing something about Eve University and looked them up. On paper it seemed like a really good thing. I really wanted to get a general understanding of everything in Eve, so I decided to apply. For those of you that have never applied to Eve Uni be warned, it is intense. Applying for Snigg was easier than applying for the Uni. Once you finish all the paperwork expect to wait in the 'queue' for weeks. They personally interview every single applicant, to see what your experience in the game is and to make sure you are not a spy. I do not know why someone would want to be a spy in the Uni, but oh well. An interview would be ok if it could be done in a timely manner but I waited in queue for one whole month. During that month I read just about everything on their website and had accomplished just about everything I wanted to get out of joining the Uni. Around this time I heard about RvB through the Uni channel. I looked into it and was really impressed.

RvB is an alliance with two corps and each corp is based 2 jumps from the other. The two corps are in an almost constant wardec. The only purpose of RvB is to get fights, and they get a lot of them. One of the problems I had with Eve was that it was really hard for new pvp pilots to get good experience because of how hard it is to find fights. The typical scenario for a new pvp pilot is to spend hours trying to find a fight, and then get blown up in seconds. RvB does a great job of having constant fights, so now you can find fights in a matter of minutes AND still get blown up in seconds! The good thing about this is you will learn from your mistakes and learn a lot faster because of the much higher frequency of fights. Another great thing about RvB is their application process, which persists of clicking the apply button and being accepted that same day. It is a laid back atmosphere and a hell of a lot of fun.

In the end I have concluded that if you are interested in being a strictly PvE player (which I dont know why you would) you should join the Uni. If you want to be a pvp player join RvB. You could even get the best of both worlds by joining RvB and staying in that while you wait for the really long queue in the Uni.

In my next post I will get into what I have been up to most recently.