Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first experience with Eve back in 2005

"Thank you for signing up for Eve Online! However, you must spend 6 months training learning skills before you can actually play the game! Have fun!" -CCP

I came across Eve online in late 2005, while I was in high school. I had been searching for a game like it for a long time. I downloaded the trial and thought it was pretty fun, and was able to convince my two friends Atheal and Demonic to play with me (those are their in game names). I still have fond memories of us running lvl 1 missions in our Kestrels, but we had no idea what we were doing. We probably would have quit the game after playing for only a few weeks if it had not been for Atheal meeting a veteran player in the help channel (ya, it used to not suck back in the day). His name was Sylic.

I want to give a shout out to Sylic right now. He was a great guy, who went out of his way to help noobs learn how to play Eve. I really wish more people in the game would be like him. He ran a 0.0 corp, but gave us all 10million isk and a lot of guidance. However, the first thing he told us is we made our characters completely wrong and that we needed to start over. Back in the day, you had to make your characters skills just right in order to not gimp yourself (I forget exactly how it works, but I am sure you can look it up). He then told us that we need to learn all the learning skills or we would gimp ourselves. We then soon found out it would take an extremely long time for this to be done. I think that is what turned me off from Eve, but I stuck it out for a little while longer.

After getting tired of running level one missions, we decided to join Sylic in 0.0 in the FATEX corp. We had a nice setup there for a while (I remember ratting in a Ferox haha). It all came to an abrupt end when an alliance full of Russians came in and took over the system (I forget which alliance it was at the time).

The last thing I remember before quitting the game was joining up for Firmus Ixion's (FIX) death. After we lost our space we joined up with them. They were down to one station but had a lot of isk still. They wanted to make one last offensive in a last ditch effort to not die. FIX was accepting any corp, and any pilot to fight on their behalf. I remember just taking Ferox after Ferox out only to have them killed. I had no idea how to pvp at all back then. I also remember the last fleet battle when the FC told us to get in the biggest ship we could fly, fit for extremely close, and go down in a blaze of glory. We accomplished that.

Soon there after, FIX died and everyone moved back to empire. I followed but soon got bored with the game and quit for a few years. The main reason I think I quit was simply not understanding the core game mechanics and a lot of things that were simply not user friendly at all.

My friend Atheal and I ended up quitting, but Demonic stayed on and fell in love with the game. In my next post I will talk about rejoining the game after PC gamer gave it Game of the Year. I will also talk about how Demonic ended up becoming very powerful and respected in the game by the time I started playing again.

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