Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Continuing from my last story post, Demonic had become a good cap pilot in PL. I told him i was interested in joining Snigwaffe, or Waffles for short. Waffles are the PL training corp, and if you serve your time you can enter into one of the main PL corps from there. He was able to pull the right strings and get me in. 

If you want to learn some elite pvp skills, and want to get to fly with some of the best pilots in Eve, I would highly recommend trying to join them.

However, there are some things to keep in mind. PL is a merc corp, so be prepared to pack up your assets and move. In the three months with the Waffles we  changed home bases three times. My advice would be to not bring too much,that way you do not get bogged down in the logistics.

The next thing to keep in mind is that it is probably not the place for you if you have a large ego. My rule for surviving Waffles is to remember you are always wrong. I never had any problems with anyone because I never tried to argue with people that had been around much longer than I am. Even if you are right, arguing is a bad idea. I saw quite a few Waffles get killed by their own men for arguing with the chain of command. 

I flew with Waffles for about 3 months and had a pretty good time. Their leadership was excellent, and their FC's are spot on. I ended up leaving because I just decided that being a Merc was not all that fun, and very costly. I ratted when I could, but really couldn't sustain myself. In the end I got really busy in real life so I stopped playing eve for a while. I got great experience and I am grateful for people like Jeff Raider for putting up with my noobness back then, and teaching me a lot of great tactics I still use today. 

In my next post I will start to talk about what I have been up to recently, and then I can finally get to recent topics that I have been wanting to talk about since I started this blog!

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