Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Back!

Well here it is, my first blog post about my experiences in Eve online. I plan on using this blog to discuss my experiences in Eve and my thoughts on certain things that happen in Eve Online. This blog will strictly be about Eve online. I decided to write this blog because I am a long time Eve blog reader and have a lot of interesting things to write about. 

I have two in game characters. One is a Caldari combat character, Fenix Veers. He is my main, with 14 million (m) skill points (sp). The other is a Gallente industry character, Triton Fenix. He is my alt, with 8m sp. I say alt, but I play him like a second main. My two characters are on opposite sides of the map, and rarely interact. I am going to write about my experiences on both characters, and will give a well rounded look at all parts of Eve.

Background in Eve
Eve has always interested me. It is a game where everyone is on one server, and everyone can affect everyone else. It is truly a sandbox style game, and is very life like. I created my account back in 2005. I get a lot of undeserving respect for that. People assume I know what I am talking about and that I have billions of sp.  Actually, I have only been actively playing since 2009, with a year and a half gap until just recently. You are going to come to find out that I am extremely knowledgeable in some areas and a complete idiot wow playing noob in other areas. The reason for this I will explain in other posts.

I plan on my telling my history since I started playing Eve in the first couple of posts. Then I will begin posting on my current activities and my thoughts on certain things Eve related. Here are the different posts I plan on doing to get everyone up to speed on my history.

  1. My First Attempt, 2005-2006
  2. Rediscovering Eve, 2009
  3. Joining WAFFLES (the Sniggwaffe training corp), 2010
  4. Breaking, 2010
  5. I'm Back, 2011

Stay tuned for the next post where I will discuss how I first discovered Eve, and what happened that turned me away from Eve at first!



  1. Sounds like you play your alts similar to how I play mine. My main is up around Jita (15M SP) and my alt is down in Stain (6M SP). My alt started out as an industrial character, and is morphing into more of a jack-of-all-trades so that I can be more effective in nullsec.

  2. Ya! My other character is mostly mining right now but I am about to start planetary interaction. Once I dip into that I am going to start having him learn some combat skills.