Friday, March 9, 2012


I ran my first Incursion the other day. I really enjoyed it. They are much more fun than any missions and are extremely profitable. I made around 80mill in only an hour of playtime. I am using a blaster fit Rokh fit for maximum dps. I love the Rokh, it is one of the coolest ships in the game. With Crucible it is actually good now too. I'm excited that my skills in hybrid guns are now useful, instead of it being more of a role-play choice.

I only have a few more days left until I can use T2 large hybrids, I am really looking forward to the increased dps. I cant wait to get in and do some more incursions, but haven't had much of a chance. The past few days I have had a few tests in my graduate classes and have been playing one of my favorite games of all time which is Mass Effect 3. Once I beat it I am sure I will be back to playing Eve a ton again.

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